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WorkPlace Stress Reduction 
Fast & Simple
Reduce your stress
Enjoy Work and Life More!
Why just manage your stress… when you can get rid of it
Reduce Your Stress At Work - The  Fast & Easy Way
Get back into control
Feel better, Be more productive and Happier
Increase Work Satisfaction
Make your work more rewarding and stimulating. Get engaged! Get motivated again!
Reduce Workplace Stress
Highly effective and proven strategies will help reduce your stress fast as you get back into control
Boost Your Effectiveness
Boost your productivity and effectiveness.
Get more of the right things done
You are not alone!
Stress is the number one reason people take time off work
  • It takes the joy and juice out of life
  • It takes away our control- We feel out of control
  • We feel over whelmed, Over worked
  • Zaps our energy- Makes us non productive
  • Kills our mood
Watch The Video To See How
You Can Have Less Stress - Fast!
Our highly effective and proven strategies will help you reduce your stress - FAST.  Boost your productivity, happiness and effectiveness as you get back into control. 
Discover the many simple ways that will help you reduce your stress and yes, even boost your energy so you can get more of the vital and important tasks done. 
Get engaged! Get motivated again. Learn the key ways to find more meaning and purpose in your work. Discover how to make it stimulating and rewarding.

What is your time worth to you?
We help you get quick results so you can feel better fast. But the core concepts taught will last you a life time 
Others companies offer many courses and specialize in none. We specialize and focus on stress reduction
Your training materials are forever. You can come back and refresh and recharge again and again for free.
We offer a full 100% no questions guarantee. If you don't believe we delivered incredible value and useful information we'll refund your money.
First Pillar - Reduce Stress At Work
In this module you will discover some key and vital ways to reduce stress at work. This is really Acute Stress Management so we want to help you reduce your stress. Some know this as putting out fires. Here you will learn strategies on how to handle stress better, how to function under pressure and of course, how to reduce the stress quickly.

You will also explore and learn how to prevent stress from happening in the first place. You will learn real life practical "Prevention Tactics". These are key to setting you up to win. We cover over 20 of the top proven ways to get your stress under control so you feel relaxed and back in control including,

How to take charge of your work dayManaging distractions, Best ways to communicate with power and clarity, Reducing the BIG 3 time wasters, Overcoming obstacles and sales slumps so you can keep making progress, Top ways to synergize with others to enhance effectiveness and outcomes, Quick ways to rid yourself of those feelings of overwhelm
Second Pillar - Building Your Internal Resistance
This is where you start learning how to building yourself up so you can handle stress better. You will feel stronger and with more energy. Not just more energy… but rather the right kind of energy. No fake "stimulant" energy either. Just steady consistent energy all day to so you can get stuff done and have something left at the end of the day. Without good energy stress just beats you down and you can't recover.

We will expose why those who do not cover this are simply pulling the wool over your eyes.

We will help get you feeling and... functioning better. You will feel recharged and strong. Ready to take on the day. We all deserve to feel great.

We will cover all the 15 key ingredients required to get a good nights sleep. This is vital for your mood, energy levels, outlook on life and work! We will also look at supporting nutrients that you may be lacking and other natural herbal products that can help you with this core fundamental process.

Discover why stabilizing your blood sugar is so vital and how to consistently stabilize your blood sugar and insulin levels so you feel and function great. (As a side bonus, you may just drop a few pounds of belly fat!). If you don't have good energy stress will just beat you down. 

What exercise should you do weights or aerobics? You will discover the right exercises to do for your stress levels and stage/phase of stress. This is key to building your internal resistance. The strategies shared will help you reduce your stress, burn tension and relax.

You will also be exposed to multiple ways to turn on the "relaxation response". Find the one that resonates with you and and start relaxing right away.

We will expose why most stress programs don't give you any sort of long lasting results and why this should be one of your key goals and takeaways.

If you miss this module you will only be fooling yourself about getting your stress under control. You may get some short term results with other techniques but you will never master stress reduction. This is the foundation training for all other stress reduction techniques. The trainings in this module may be the most important lessons we ever learn about controlling stress and getting back into control of our lives!
Third Pillar - Productivity & Effectiveness
In this module you will discover some key and vital ways to take charge of your work day so you feel more effective and productive. But more importantly, you will be getting more of the right things done. The things of highest value to you. Quality over quantity matters.

You will explore systems vs goals as a means to increase your effectiveness and productivity. Further, you'll discover your "sweet spots" for maximizing your effectiveness. Get an incredible new perspective on procrastination and take advantage of it to be more effective. You can't beat our innate nature to procrastinate, but you can trick it to your advantage!

Rid your day of distractions, interruptions and preoccupations. Get back on top of your game… get your life back and relax. Learn how to expect success and instead of failure! You work hard and you deserve this.

Miss this module and you will never be able to truly "make it happen". Your to do list will continually get longer and longer as things don't get done'. Success and attainment of your goals may remain just outside your grasp leading to frustration and a unsettleness as you know things just aren't getting done
Fourth Pillar - Increasing Your Work Satisfaction
If you have to work, this will be a key module in having  more happiness and fulfillment from your chosen profession.

We all spend much of our day at our place on work so it must be enjoyable and rewarding for us. How do you get more of what you want from work? How do you adopt a stress resilient lifestyle? How do you really thrive at work and in life? 

You will discover the top components that all the experts agree are key to have more satisfaction and enjoyment form work. You will explore ways to integrate them info your work life for a greater sense of contribution to make your work more engaging, stimulating, creative, and fulfilling. Get your work "mojo" back and get back on top of your game.

Master how to differentiate between efficiency and effectiveness and when each is key in your functioning at work. This understanding alone could make all the difference in the world for you.

This is where you start focusing on the treasure not the trouble, where you become the person everyone wants on their team because you can achieve outstanding results.

For many, these trainings will be the missing piece of the puzzle to your workplace happiness and for workplace satisfaction. 

If you want to improve your leadership skills, communicate with power and clarity and lift up your spirits and inspire others you will love the trainings in this module.
Synergistic Bonus Training
We set you up for success!
This awesome synergistic training helps set you up to win. With additional training in key and vital areas that help make sure you not only have less stress at work but you also are happier and more successful in life!

Thrive! You will get some great training with lots of motivation and inspiration to allow you to really get on top of life. Discover some of the surefire ways to truly thrive and boost your happiness.

Synergize! To get ahead you need help from and with others. Explore the best ways to synergize with others so you have an awesome network of support… your own cheer leading squad.

There will be deeper training on how to harness the power of your environment so it supports you. A deeper dive on understanding procrastination  and ways you can actually take advantage of this common human trait.

You will also get additional training on how to control your most valuable assets… your mind. Controlling the inner voice and fear will be looked at

Stress reduction is everything in life. This training module will help you achieve just that.

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(Regular price of $197)


If you aren't happy, we aren't happy.
We have a full 100% satisfaction guarantee.
You can study our material for a full 30 days.
If for any reason you don't feel you received great value or if our program didn't serve your needs, we will refund your money ASAP. 
Let our friendly support staff know (via email).
Just a fast simple refund.
Robert Ridpath
Founder of 
Health Synergy Inc
Why Do Our Programs Get 
Such Fast and Long Lasting Results?
Instead of just addressing the "symptoms" we get to the root cause of peoples stress. This gives them quick relief and long term results. We teach the core skills to manage stress however, we also teach what very few know about. 

We teach people how to balance their physiology so they have a greater internal resistance to stress. We help build them up and reduce the external stressor. We also teach how to prevent stress from building up in the first place! This combination is what makes our programs so effective. 
What Makes Your Program So Different?
Contrary to what other say… there is no one magical way to reduce stress. You need a multi facetted approach . You must know what’s stressing you, how you are stressed and what all the contributors are.
We look at all the ways you are stressed. This is called the “Allostatic load”. We help reduce all of them. Think of it this way… If you're sitting on 5 tacks…what happens if you only remove 1? Do you get much relief? Probable not. It's probably better to remove all of them. Thats why we focus on all the contributors.

You must also understand the effects the stress is having on your body and physiology and how you are responding. We all respond differently. Some have sleep problems, others intestinal problems, joint problems, headaches, weight gain, muscle loss etc. We help figure this out for you and help with a personalized approach to reducing your stress.

Why Is This Program So Unique?
We come at stress reduction from a very different angle and encompass multiple techniques from many streams of health care. We have a much more wholistic approach. We don't just do "time management" we go deeper and do life management. Work- home life balance! 

Techniques from the 90's were adequate for their time but we now have a much deeper understanding of what contributes to stress and how to resolve it. Its not a pill for an ill mentality. Our customers what a more comprehensive and wholistic approach and thats what we provide. We utilize current best practices combined with proven traditional methods
How does your program compare to others?
Other online programs offer multiple courses from accounting to computer repair to everything else. We don't. We only focus on personal growth and specifically on stress reduction. We do one thing really really well. So you get quick results that last a lifetime!

Further, most teach "stress management" which is really just coping and managing more! Do more in less time.  We focus on teaching you to do the right things (the tasks of highest value) at the right time. We focus on reducing stress not just "managing" more!
WorkPlace Stress Reduction 
Fast & Simple
Reduce your stress
Enjoy Work and Life More!
Why just manage your stress… when you can get rid of it
We do one thing really, really well.
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
I’m feeling really overwhelmed and stressed. How do I know your program will help me get fast results?     
Our experience and feedback from many clients tells us this. Our team has drawn from a wide variety of disciplines and incorporates a wholistic approach based on best practices for more of a personalized program.
Your program costs less than some of the others I looked at. That makes me think it’s not as good. Why does this program cost so little??
Don’t be fooled by our low price. Many programs put on seminars with trainers, hotel rooms, catering for food, workbooks etc and they all cost money. We offer convenient online training. Others simply over charge because they know they will be seen simply as a “work expense” that the company pays for. Our programs are high value that provide excellent training for a great price. We offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee!
I'm being harassed and bullied at work. Will this program help me with this??
Yes! The workplace is no place for harassment or bulling
As a middle manager I deal with both front line workers and upper management. I need help dealing with difficult employees and relationships. Does your program provide training on this?
Yes, we provide core and fundamental training on in office working relationships.
The stress management courses I attended were just glorified time management courses. What makes you program so different from other “stress management” programs??
Time management is important to reduce stress however, it is only one small piece of the puzzle. We offer many of the other pieces of the puzzle so you get a much more comprehensive program and better results that last a lifetime. 
I feel overwhelmed and can’t get things done. Will this program help me to be more productive? 
Feeling and being productive is a great feeling and it can help reduce your stress. We teach key fundamental techniques to becoming more productive. We offer other trainings that do a deep dive on productivity to really help you take it to the next level. 
How long will it take before I feel less stress at work?
Great question! Some may feel less stress literally the next day. We offer so many ways to get a handle on stress, on how to relax, how to balance your physiology, how to deal with stressful situation or people that its hard to give an exact time. Everyone will apply the techniques and strategies at a different rate. We can tell you from a vast amount of experience that those who follow our programs can expect to feel better with less stress within a few days and for sure within a week or so.
I’m feeling a real time crunch/ press right now and I’m at my limits. How much work or extra time will I have to invest to feel better with less stress?
You may not have to invest much extra time at all. You have to study and learn some of the strategies then apply them to your life. One key strategy we teach involves eating breakfast with protein. Or if you don’t make breakfast, you may be making a protein shake. This could actually save you time and make you feel better! There are many other key core concepts that work just as quick. 
Click on the link below 
to get started right away!
Why not reduce your stress and 
get back into control of your life?

You have nothing to lose… 
And your life to gain!

Flash Special
Only   $27.
(Regular Price is $197.)


If you aren't happy, 
we aren't happy.
We have a full 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can study our material for a full 30 days. If for any reason you don't feel you received great value or if our program didn't serve your needs, we will refund your money ASAP. Simply contact our friendly support staff via email.  
Just a fast simple refund. 
Paul Kennedy
"I got this program for myself however, I have now gotten all my staff to do the trainings. I'm so grateful for the powerful lessons Robert shared. We often plan our staff meeting around some of the concepts. Our work environment is so much healthier and fun. 
Thanks again Robert. We're lucky to have you!"
I'm feeling way better with less stress and a much more positive state of mind. I sleep better than I have in years. I also have much more clarity and focus towards my future. I love the training videos and go back often to watch them. there is a lot of great material in this program
Pri Banerjee
What Others Are Saying...
"To be honest, it was my personal relationships that improved first. That was a huge stress reliever. There as so many wonderful new ways to reduce stress that I had never heard about. Applying them was easy and over the last few months I feel just great. And now my work is a joy. Actually it's FUN. R. Appleby- Toronto"
"I expected this program to be based more on time management. I was pleasantly surprised that the material went much deeper and broader covering much more. I found the different philosophies to be much more complete and holistic in nature. This suited me well." 
H. Kelly- Australia
" My feelings of overwhelm are gone. I'm sleeping better, I have a new direction at work and I've even dropped a few pounds with out dieting. I love the trainings and the lessons. There is so much great advice here. Robert has a magnificent way of simplifying the concepts and making them practical and easy to apply in daily life. 
L. McDonald - Chicago
"This program delivers great value. I've signed up most of our team not just for the stress management aspect, but also for the productivity and effectiveness. We all seem to be on target with clearer goals for where we want to take the business. There really is a new excitement around the office. This has been a nice surprise. 
T. Eben - Los Angles
" I've really enjoyed this program and feel Roberts trainings have allowed me to feel much more in control of my life and future. I used to dread work. Now I love my job and the new work relationships. We all seem to get along much better. 
R. Francisco- Florida
Robert keeps talking about getting control of our lives. Well, thats how I feel now. Much more in control of my life and my stress. This program helped reduce stress in many areas of my life. I would recommend it to everyone. I wish I had found it earlier.
K. Reed - Toronto
Reduce Your Stress At Work
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Flash Special
Only   $27.00!


If you aren't happy, 
we aren't happy.
We have a full 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can study our material for a full 30 days. If for any reason you don't feel you got great value or if our program didn't serve your needs, we will refund your money ASAP. Simple contact our friendly support staff. We will happily refund your money. 
Health Synergy Inc.
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